Top Experts Will Show You How To Use 
Internet Marketing & Strategic Partnerships to  Explode Your Business Success
Want To Learn How To Use the Internet, Social Media & Strategic Partnerships To Elevate your Success?
JOIN US! This is the world's premiere event for small business growth. 

December 16 - 18 2018
Las Vegas, Nevada
What Our Past Attendees Say About Ultimate Wealth Camp

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Let Us Show You how to substantially impact your financial future

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          Finally! Make More Money With The Internet And Discover

                          The Power Of Global Joint Ventures.

Are you frustrated at seeing your competitors succeed at the "online thing", but failing to produce similar results?

Are you serious about growing your business, but not sure what to do?

It's time to let the experts show you exactly how you can use Internet marketing strategies to grow your business at our sell-out event, 
                             The Ultimate Wealth Camp

We have put together an amazing lineup of speakers for you, who will show you strategies you can implement in your business right away.

About The Event:
The Ultimate Wealth Camp kicks off with our amazing Mega Wealth Party where you can mingle with successful and brilliant entrepreneurs and build relationships with people who can take your business to the next level. The room is full of leaders, business owners and wealthy individuals just like you, with whom you can connect and build strategic partnerships.
The party is followed by two full days of our intense Ultimate Wealth Camp Sessions - this is an interactive learning environment, where we bring you expert speakers and leaders - plus some of our best partners and customers - to teach you high-level strategies you can immediately implement in your business.
You’ll have the opportunity to pitch your concepts and ideas to some of the best marketers on the planet. Think about it; the people who have done what you’re trying to do will be at your fingertips to give you step-by-step strategies. Just one nugget of information can skyrocket your business growth.

Some of these marketers don’t do consulting work and those that DO, actually charge many thousands of dollars to share their secrets.
Featured Speakers
Paul Hutchinson
Global Investment & Philanthropy Expert
Austin Walsh
Internet Marketing Expert
Bernardo Moya
Best You Expo
Desmond Clark
Inspirational & Financial Coach
Former Bears Super Star!

K. Raj Singh
Creative Cash Flow Specialist
LeAnn Pashina
Communication & Sales Expert
Roberto Candelaria
Sponsorship Expert
Angel Tuccy
Global Broadcasting Specialist
Dawn Moore
Sales & Communication Specialist
Dr. Sonja Stribling
Global Empowerment Specialist
Manny Patrick
Business & Accountability Coach
Robyn Crane
Global Best Selling Author & Business Growth Expert
Matt Ford
Social Media Expert
Richard Goldstein
Patent Attorney & Business Coach
Sal Cicero
Your Business Attorney
Nancy Matthews
Leadership, Sales & Marketing Expert
Kelly Vincent & Tina Malsom
Proximity Marketing Experts

Lori Tisinai
Technology Optimization Specialist

Allen Stalvey
Master Success Coach

Andy Sokol & Gina St. George
Global Client Retention Experts
Kara Scott
Chief Empowerment Officer 

Andrea Swensen
Success Strategist

Daniel Burbol
Cashflow King

Heather Schooler
Business Expansion Specialist
Nate Lindquist
CEO Mentor

Ken Rochon  Master Photographer
Event Marketing Expert

DeBorah A. Little
Mindset Mastery Expert

Varetta Huggins
Government Contracting Expert
Jeff Lazarus
Branding Expert

Melissa Hull
Leadership Expert

Kim DeCoste
Career Strategist, Speaker & Author

Who are we?
For over a decade, Powerteam International has created global success stories with our innovative coaching and training programs. We help business owners just like you grow their businesses to stratospheric levels.

Powerteam International has been able to achieve these incredible results by establishing a world-class global success faculty with hundreds of hours of focused, expert training across every business.

Our members are part of a community of brilliant like-minded individuals all helping each other to achieve business success. Joint venture partnerships and strategic marketing relationships are just some of the ways they build immense business growth with and for each other.

           The Most Innovative Live Ultra-Focused 
           Premium Programs to Inspire & Educate

                                       We Create Millionaires. 
                                          Will You Be Next?

Beyond the systems and strategies, it’s the ability to follow through on a success plan with capital that helps people become unstoppable!

Come join us for fun and prosperity at the Ultimate Networking Party on Sunday, December 16th! 

To kick off the Ultimate Wealth Camp, we are having our VIP Mega Wealth Networking Party on Sunday evening. This is where you can connect with like-minded people, build successful relationships and joint ventures and learn from some of the most successful business people in the world.

You will learn new ways to make money, share your ideas with some of the top marketers and explode your business success. 

Take control of your success plan and book your place for this
 life changing event today.
ultimate Wealth Camp 
December 16 - 18, 2018
  • Access to the MEGA Wealth Networking Party
  • Keynotes From Celebrity Speakers
  • All Sessions + Talks
  • Mentor Neighborhood Discussions
  • Meals with Speakers Offered
The greatest fortunes were created right after the great depression – Now it is your turn to dominate your market and build your fortune!”

Bill Walsh
Powerteam International

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